IMG_1178The Curious Finch journey began in late 2012 with two local urban farming organizations: Cityplot and I Can Change the World with my Two Hands. The organizations, active in Amsterdam’s Bos & Lommer and Westerpark, recognized that urban dwellers increasingly want to grow their own food but lack the necessary tools and training.  Together with a group of volunteers they created a garden focused on learning about the most relevant sustainable urban farming crops and techniques. The garden, located on Vinkenlaan (Finch Lane) is designed to attract curious urban residents wanting to become city gardeners, thus the name “Curious Finch.”

In 2013 (the first year) we focused on educating ourselves, by inviting a number of external experts to help plan and plant the garden’s various themed beds.  As this was our first year, we were very busy already from the start of the year. (See selected photos on the garden’s progression.)

Currently we are running many workshops, tours and demonstrations for children and adult visitors in the garden and will partner other urban agricultural activities in Amsterdam.  See our agenda for upcoming events.


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