Photo: Barbara Pavie

Photo: Barbara Pavie

We are an enthusiastic, hard-working, multicultural team of volunteers. We are always happy with fresh inspiration, so get in touch if you want to join us!

AnnAnn Doherty is an urban farmer and beekeeper who has studied at Warmonderhof and the University of Guelph. She is the Amsterdam coordinator of Cityplot. What she loves most in the garden: worms, seeds, herbs, honey and edible flowers.

IMG_1181Jennifer Lenhart is a PhD candidate at Wageningen UR, studying urban climate change policies. An urban sustainability enthusiast and cosmopolitan nomad, she calls many cities ‘home’: Seattle, Malmö, Budapest, Nairobi and now Amsterdam. She loves the garden as a symbolic and physical place to plant roots, even if only for a short while.


Julie Perrenoud: I’m passionate about the different and creative solutions emerging to improve our food system! I discovered the Curious Finch in May 2013 and love to dig in the garden to increase my knowledge about urban farming. Working in the garden gives me rest and pleasure. Since 2014, I am also on the Cabinet of the “Damn Food Waste” project in Amsterdam. See you soon in the garden!

IMG_7484Pauline Van Romondt Vis: Hi I’m Pauline. What I love about the garden is how amazing it looks especially during the summer. That is a beautiful reward for all the hard work that all of us have done. And next to my work as a PhD candidate being in the books all day, it is great that I get to work with my hands in the open air. Even when it rains!


Susan Pulley: I moved to Amsterdam in 2008 and soon opened an Ayuveda wellness clinic to help people improve their health naturally. The first time I came to the garden I felt at home. I love medicinal herbs, but fresh peas are hard to beat! It’s my dream to open a rural wellness center and the garden teaches useful skills for this.

_K0C7178Suzanne Oommen is an artist turned gardener originally from India via Canada. She works with Ann at Cityplot giving urban gardening workshops. Suzanne’s favourite parts of the garden are the compost bins, the bees buzzing in the borage and phacelia, and the historical and perennial vegetables.

More gardener profiles coming soon, including…

Tipica SlavicaYvon self image



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